The Benefits of Music Therapy for Drug And Alcohol Treatment at Gratitude Lodge

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The Benefits of Music Therapy for Drug And Alcohol Treatment at Gratitude Lodge

May 26
23:43 2023

Gratitude Lodge offers music therapy for clients in addition to other evidence-based treatment methods such as medication-assisted treatment or cognitive behavioral therapy. Music therapy has numerous mental and physical health benefits that can be extremely helpful for those in recovery from addiction.

Music therapy has been proven to reduce stress, improve mood and reduce muscle tension. It also promotes self-regulation, self-reflection and motivation. It can be beneficial for one’s recovery journey by preventing relapse. Music can also be healing and motivating for clients.

Music Therapist Megan Brown states: “Music therapy is a great way for clients to express themselves and also for them to have fun. Clients don’t have to be extremely talented at music to do music therapy. It’s free from pressures and clients can let go of any stresses they experience on a given day.”

People can call Gratitude Lodge at 888-861-1658 or visit for more information on music therapy and other treatment options.

Music therapy helps to express unconscious thoughts. It can also create a strong community with other people in recovery as they engage with music together. Gratitude Lodge uses music therapy so that a deeper sense of connection with oneself can be made.

Executive Director of Gratitude Lodge, Mark Williams, states: “We feel it’s important to provide an opportunity for the people in our program to engage in music therapy because it allows them to find healthy coping mechanisms to deal with complex emotions and experiences. It’s a great creative outlet as well, clients can discover themselves and what brings them joy.”

Studies have shown a positive relationship between music therapy and 12-step programs. When treatment centers use the two, it can decrease clients’ chances of relapse. There are various types of music therapy. Music therapy can include listening, singing, playing, creating, dancing and discussing music. It does not require musical talent to participate in music therapy.

Gratitude Lodge is a drug and alcohol rehab in Orange County, including treatment centers in Newport Beach and Long Beach. It offers various evidence-based treatment methods with an expert staff, offering a supportive and peaceful environment to treat addiction. Gratitude Lodge works to ensure that all clients get the help they need and deserve to fight back against addiction and live a healthy lifestyle filled with gratitude, helping them appreciate each and every day.

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