Crowned the Auto-Focus Champion among LCD Projectors, the Wanbo NEW T2 Max Arrives in Magnificent Splendour Following a Comprehensive Upgrade.

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Crowned the Auto-Focus Champion among LCD Projectors, the Wanbo NEW T2 Max Arrives in Magnificent Splendour Following a Comprehensive Upgrade.

May 20
03:51 2023

Wanbo has recently unveiled an enhanced version of the T2 Max, christened the NEW T2 Max. This successor boasts a superior performance compared to its predecessor. The NEW T2 Max represents a substantial breakthrough and upgrade from the original T2 Max, all the while retaining the aesthetic appeal of its predecessor’s design. Upon its release, the T2 Max became an instant sensation, achieving first place in Xiaomi’s Ecological Chain sales rankings. It consistently topped sales charts in the Southeast Asian projector market, including countries such as China, Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia. The T2 Max garnered commendable acclaim, earning epithets such as “the first projector for the younger generation” and “the champion of LCD projectors”, and it has been widely adored by a myriad of consumers.

In the face of the rapid advancement of the intelligent product industry, traditional projectors can no longer satisfy the demands of the contemporary youth. Numerous projector brands have begun to venture into the realm of compact, portable projectors, shattering the traditional projector’s image of being cumbersome and inflexible. This has endowed projectors with the virtues of compactness and portability, leading to a more diverse array of application scenarios.

Wanbo NEW T2 Max perpetuates its commitment to innovation and transcendental experiences. It takes minimalistic aesthetics to new heights, marrying intricate craftsmanship and high performance under the banner of lightness and an extraordinary experience, thereby enhancing structural aesthetics. Each unit is assembled in a professional dust-free workshop, complying with rigorous anti-dust standards. It undergoes over 1000 repetitions of AI auto-focus functionality, 1200+ interface insertion/removal tests, 400+ lens transparency tests, over 20000 hours of comprehensive lifespan testing, 1000+ IP5X dust resistance tests, and over 300 drop tests before it reaches the consumer.

The Wanbo NEW T2 Max features a comprehensive upgrade in brightness, which has been dramatically boosted to 450 ANSI. This is an impressive 80% increase compared to its predecessor, the T2 Max. Coupled with HDR10 decoding, the enhancement effectively boosts contrast, colour saturation, and results in a clear, natural image with a more nuanced contrast between light and dark. The projector uses a high-transparency optical lens with five layers of light concentration, greatly increasing the light transmittance. This effectively prevents defocusing and running focus, delivering a visibly pure image that offers higher contrast and sharpness, along with more naturally transparent colour saturation. Furthermore, the Wanbo NEW T2 Max possesses a 1080P physical resolution and supports 4K. Its professional image quality engine automatically calibrates to provide a striking visual experience, replete with intricate clarity. It can automatically and real-time reshape image details, restoring true colours.

Acclaimed as the champion of auto-focus among LCD projectors, the Wanbo NEW T2 Max is now equipped with Wanbo’s self-developed AI intelligent algorithm. With a casual placement and a simple power-on, it achieves automatic focusing, liberating your hands and granting you a head start in the cinematic experience. Enjoy high-definition projection effortlessly, and immerse yourself in an awe-inspiring visual universe at a single touch! The projector has a new noise-reduction duct for quieter operation, featuring a dual vortex for low-noise performance, silently safeguarding your viewing time. The built-in low-noise dual cyclone air-cooling system swiftly dissipates heat, while the intelligent constant temperature system in its smart heat insulation design ensures efficient cooling, thereby extending its lifespan. Upon booting, the Android 9.0 system provides a clean and simple interface, making operations more straightforward and smooth. With abundant free film and television resources and captivating videos at your disposal, it is an experience not to be missed.

With the easing of the pandemic, competition within the intelligent projector industry has intensified. Only through innovative endeavours supplemented by high-quality products can a brand journey farther. In response, Wanbo has introduced its groundbreaking upgraded product—the Wanbo NEW T2 Max—which features enhancements in image quality, sound quality, and intelligence. It is foreseeable that the price of the Wanbo NEW T2 Max will be set within a range acceptable to a broad populace of consumers, thus granting more individuals the opportunity to savour the sublime viewing experience that a high-quality projector can provide.

According to official sources, the newly upgraded Wanbo NEW T2 Max will be making its grand debut on LAZADA, SHOPEE, and Amazon on May 25th. Let’s eagerly anticipate its arrival.

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