‘Brain Garden’ – 2023 Fashion Graduation Design Works Released by the School of Design and Art, China Academy of Fine Arts

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‘Brain Garden’ – 2023 Fashion Graduation Design Works Released by the School of Design and Art, China Academy of Fine Arts

May 19
01:58 2023

The 2023 undergraduate graduation work of the School of Design and Art, China Academy of Fine Arts, majoring in Fashion Design, was successfully released on the afternoon of May 16, 2023 at the “2023 China International College Student Fashion Week” and was also the opening show of the 2023 China International College Student Fashion Week. 65 sets of works by 31 students from China Academy of Fine Arts participated in this release.

The Fashion and Fashion Design major of China Academy of Fine Arts focuses on “Fashion System and Society”, “Cultural Heritage and the Future”, and “Materials Science and Technology” as its core research directions, with a focus on research in areas such as “Sustainable Design”, “Eastern Culture and Local Discourse”, and “Textile Material Innovation”. The release of this clothing graduation project also showcases the latest achievements of the department in cultivating students’ overall design and design innovation abilities for clothing, emphasizing artistic creativity and conceptual innovation, and cultivating clothing design talents with broad perspectives, vitality, and systematic thinking.

The graduation theme of this fashion design is “Brain Garden”. In the constantly subverted reality context, the wind of AI intelligence and virtual technology has swept through. As humans, it is inevitable to engage in defensive discussions about individual values, self-awareness, emotional interaction, traditional civilization, and future crises. This is a measure of intelligent technology, a reflection on life consciousness, a reflection on group crises, and a measure of individual value.

The design works revolve around cutting-edge exploration in the fields of art, philosophy, and technology, focusing on topics such as survival crisis, cultural alienation, social care, body language, emotional barriers, and future testing grounds. The design is carried out with an open concept and multi-dimensional expression forms: The interaction between virtual and reality, experimental material exploration, creative knitting texture, 3D printing and other technologies have become the paths explored by designers. From clues, records, experiments, precipitation to the final realization of creativity, it showcases every student’s real inquiry into the world of life and their imagination of the future world.

The ‘real brain’ is like an engine that stimulates imagination, emitting the length, depth, and breadth of thinking, measuring past civilizations and future fantasies, measuring life itself and technological intelligence, measuring the dimensions of life and spiritual needs.

The “digital brain” opens the “unlimited state” of the convergence of all human civilizations in the past, extends and leaps out of the original ecological, situational needs, material functions and other physical categories in the Digital Universe world, and presents the design aesthetics of “digital life”.

At the crossroads of the new era of human intelligent civilization and, every individual is a subtle nerve of the ‘cosmic brain’ facing the upcoming new ecology. Young students stand on the high slope of all human civilization experiences in the past, starting from the “meta”, transcending the source and path, using the “ruler” as the medium, thinking and exploring, using the “degree” as the standard, rethinking the design direction, and reflecting on the intrinsic value of humanity in the real and virtual garden. 

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