Traditional Indonesian Food for Eid Given Simplified Makeover

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Traditional Indonesian Food for Eid Given Simplified Makeover

March 20
10:39 2023
Traditional Indonesian Food for Eid Given Simplified Makeover

Food blogger, Devy Dar
Cooks Around the World Can Celebrate a Taste of Home, Even Without the Usual Ingredients

March 20, 2023 – Eid ul Fitr, the celebration closing out Ramadan’s month of fasting, will soon be celebrated by Muslims worldwide with faith and food. Food blogger, Devy Dar, is pleased to share traditional recipes for the Eid festivity from her homeland of Indonesia. 

Indonesian cuisine is renown for its exotic mix of flavors, which is no surprise given the famed Spice Islands are included in the country’s more than 17,000 islands. As an important port of call for spice traders, Indonesian food has influences from various cuisines, including Dutch, Middle Eastern, Indian, Chinese, Polynesian as well as the local indigenous cooking. There are over 5,000 recipes but the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism chose these four amongst the most popular as their official food ambassadors: Gado Gado (Salad with Peanut Sauce); Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay); Soto Ayam (Chicken Noodle Soup); and Beef Rendang (Dried Beef Curry). 

Taking inspiration from her own experience as an ex-pat making her family’s recipes for these famous dishes in a new land, Devy Dar has simplified the recipes by using ingredient substitutes or shortcut methods in the hope others will be able to recreate an authentic taste of home no matter where in the world they are at.

“To be able to cook you, don’t really need a cooking course,” says Devy Dar. “All you need is good tastebuds that can differentiate the flavor of one ingredient from another.”

“Cooking is a creative process that involves a sense of taste,” she continues.  “Just like anything that uses the senses, it can be personal and subjective. So what we like in one food may not give the same taste to others. Likewise, we may not like a particular food even though people love it.”

Devy Dar is a native Indonesian, married to a Kashmiri/ Pakistani and living in England. Her food blog, So Yummy Recipes, offers recipes from Indonesia and Pakistan adjusted for cooks living in other parts of the world who might not have access to many of the traditional ingredients. Find out more at: So Yummy Recipes

For more information, please contact Devy Dar at [email protected]

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