Dr Espen Hjalmby Says Vibrant Health is a Must for Entrepreneurs

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Dr Espen Hjalmby Says Vibrant Health is a Must for Entrepreneurs

February 10
22:28 2023
Dr Espen Hjalmby, a scientist, public speaker and business strategist

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “success”?

For many of us, “success” might mean Business or Financial Mastery, but have you ever stopped to think about your success on a scale of Health and Vitality.

Think about it for a moment – What would happen to your business if you got sick, or worse, if you kept getting increasingly lethargic and unproductive without knowing it? Can you be a leader and entrepreneur if you don’t have the Energy to be your best self? Remember that success in each area of your life is directly proportional to your own capacity for Energy output.

Where does Energy come from?

Whether you like it or not, your Energy levels, work quality, focus, and moods are directly related to your lifestyle choices. In fact, the Energy output you get to invest towards achieving your desired goals are a direct result of the choices you consistently make. This means that if you, as an entrepreneur, want to keep up in this dynamic world of constant change, you must learn to consistently apply the healthy habits that give you the upper hand. By doing so, you automatically start living a life by design.

How can I become Vibrantly Healthy?

Plan and Prepare your food
If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Prepare your meals. This way, you completely control what fuel you’re putting into your body. If you’re travelling a lot – keep your food lean, green and clean and drink 30 ml of clean filtered water daily.

Find your Accountability Partner (AP)
Beyond our own self-discipline, we all need accountability. Finding a Lifetime Wellness and Fitness Coach that can work with your values and goals will be a powerful tool as you advance your Business, Health, Energy and Vitality.

Schedule in YOU Time
As we strive to contribute to the lives of others, it becomes vital that we also do something meaningful for ourselves. Think about a healthy habit you genuinely enjoy. Now, schedule that in your diary as you plan for a moment of inspired fun each and every week.

Proper Rest and Recovery Time
Use sleep and meditation to recharge your batteries. Even a quick 15-minute conscious breathing session will help reset your focus and Energy.

Take Action
The difference between being drained of Energy and being Vibrantly Healthy is the difference between theory and ACTION! Everything will remain in theory until you decide to take action.

Become Conscious of your Breath.
It’s called the breath of life for a reason. I could explain thousands of different techniques. So, I’ll just give you the key point. Breath has the power to slow down our running minds, focus on the present moment and give clarity on what we are pursuing. Now, that’s something I keep in my back pocket at all times.

Remember… The consistency of your habits will give you the upper hand in achieving abundant sources of Energy.

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