Red Candle Green Candle: The Ultimate Safe “Degen Play”

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Red Candle Green Candle: The Ultimate Safe “Degen Play”

December 03
05:53 2022

An innovative, fun, and community-driven new crypto trading game has just launched on the Binance Smart Chain, and it’s been an instant success!

Created by a team based in New York and Florida, the game has garnered a devoted following of players, who are sick and tired of searching for the next successful “degen play” only to end up in a loss at best, or scammed/rugged at worst.

In Red Candle Green Candle (RCGC), trading is done in separate phases of buying and selling for each “round”: During the “Green Candle” phase, selling is disabled and people try their hardest to purchase as many tokens for the lowest possible price.

At the end of this phase, a “buyback and burn” is performed to give the price an extra boost, and then the “Red Candle” phase begins, during which selling is enabled (and buying disabled), and everyone tries to sell as quickly as possible for maximum profit.

Holders who don’t manage to sell before the sharp price drop are compensated with a constant flow of rewards in Ethernal (crypto’s first and only portfolio-building token), which they can hold to receive additional rewards in any crypto tokens they choose or exchange for other tokens on the BSC network. They can then try their luck at selling in the next round.

Safety measures have been set in place to ensure the protection of players’ funds: The liquidity pool is locked permanently (“burned”), and selling is enabled automatically if it hasn’t been done so manually in 1 week. A full hour (at minimum) must pass between each phase shift, giving everyone a fair chance to be ready to buy/sell on time.

The team is confident that this will be the beginning of a new age for the “degen play” genre of crypto, providing maximum profit for players in a safe and fun environment!

For more details, join the RCGC Telegram community chat:

And follow RCGC on Twitter:

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