LeadClicker is still locating those elusive, exclusive, off-market, qualified seller and buyer leads, despite current “soft” market conditions

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LeadClicker is still locating those elusive, exclusive, off-market, qualified seller and buyer leads, despite current “soft” market conditions

October 31
17:00 2022

Realtors, brokers, and investors always want to buy seller leads (and purchase buyer leads these days as well!) but it’s getting harder and harder to find high-quality leads in this real estate market.

With a team of diverse experts, LeadClicker is a powerful lead generation company that’s currently focused on finding off-market real estate seller leads and unlike most, is doing so very efficiently. 

A career in the real estate industry is often listed as “one of the most satisfying jobs a person can have”. However, with over 2 million real estate agents in the US and so much competition, standing out from the crowd is complex and requires more time and hard work than most people are willing or able to do to achieve the financial success this career usually promises.

On top of that, with the ever-increasing ease of advertising on social media platforms, lead quality has dropped precipitously, while the buyer and seller lead prices that agents, brokers, and investors are paying have skyrocketed from this overcrowded, high-competition, easy-access, so-called “lead marketplace”.

Despite the bumpy 2022 market, LeadClicker however has managed to help agents get stunning numbers of listings relatively quickly,  through a series of “off-market” strategies, and clever, cutting-edge systems.

“1.375 Million – We’re closing tomorrow! Sometimes we pay for leads and they’re just ‘looky-loos’, but these are REAL leads, who expect your call!” Norma V. (Real Estate Broker in Los Angeles)

To the uninitiated, “lead generation” is a marketing term that describes the process of finding, attracting, and converting a prospect to a customer.   For a real estate business, that would be finding someone interested in buying/investing in a property, or selling theirs, and listing it with an agent/realtor/broker/investor.

LeadClicker does the initial “brute force” hard work for its clients; like employing the services of teams of skip tracers to find thousands of most likely owners of the most likely-to-sell local properties – sometimes even finding “under market price” opportunities for wholesalers, investors, and flippers.

“We do the ‘busy work,’ so you just keep the communication going with already warm leads, building up a professional relationship and addressing your prospects’ needs.” remarked the founder and CEO of LeadClicker, Eric Muran.

 Some of Leadclicker’s assets include:

    •  A team of lead generators

    •  Many skip tracers (working as little detectives to find owners!)

    •  Several teams of callers

    •  A powerful CRM system, web hosting, automation, SMS, Email, and dialer for clients at no charge 

    • DNC scrubbing, and several other privacy/compliance protections

    • Remarkably high-quality leads who often haven’t even been on the market yet, and usually don’t even exist on social media          where other lead-gen services exclusively focus

    • Double-qualification of those leads by yet another call team asking all the right, in-depth questions

    • Introducing those warm, qualified, exclusive leads to the realtor/broker/investor after learning, and positively endorsing the             realtor/broker’s unique experience/services to the buyer/seller

    • Providing consistent follow-up to keep clients working on those leads and improving campaign results.

“I’ve done thousands of hours of ‘cold calling’ and figured out what works and what doesn’t.  Now I’m taking all that experience and using it to help realtors close more deals. It’s super rewarding to see the results and to give back,” said founder and CEO – Eric Muran. 

“LeadClicker’s services are based on the business principles and core beliefs of professionalism, industry knowledge, flexibility, reliability, and excellent customer service”, says Client Experience Director –  Victor Barrios. 

In its commitment to excelling as the #1 lead generation company in real estate, LeadClicker has undergone many positive changes over the past 2 years. Going from working directly with IBM while implementing their Watson AI, eventually implementing Google Deepmind AI in their CRM, to now making tens of thousands of plain, old-fashioned, phone calls, albeit using the safest, most sophisticated tech and systems to individually call 30,000-45,000 skip-traced potential home sellers, per client, per month. 

Today, it’s been said that Leadclicker leads are the best possible blend of quality and quantity… proven to provide amazing results. This reliability has seen the company attract rave reviews from its clients – like Miami real estate agent Richard Naranjo:

 “This provides quick listings. I have made multiple sales, have 4 current listings, and now actually have a huge list of listings pending – I highly recommend them”’

To learn more, or to speak with a LeadClicker representative visit them at: www.leadclicker.com

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