Oceanstake, a crypto staking platform will launch its operations this week

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Oceanstake, a crypto staking platform will launch its operations this week

September 23
15:26 2022

Smart money moves when the markets are down. It happened in 2017, once again in 2020, and history will only repeat itself. Those who believe in the future of decentralized finance and crypto are hodling onto their crypto assets or building up their portfolio, while the paper hands are being washed away. 

However, it is often a pain to see assets sitting in a wallet all day, waiting for the market to spike up. As with the crypto world, new innovative platforms are emerging every day. There is now more to be done than just leaving the assets idle in a wallet and hoping for the best. OceanStake is an easy, intuitive investment platform that can put your assets to work and generate up to 5% in rewards per day! 


Investment at Your Fingertips

A crypto wallet and some BNB… that’s all you need to get started with OceanStake. There’s no need to have a technical background, no hassle to buy a brand new coin, and no approvals that you have to request. Just deposit some BNB to OceanStake, and your assets are going to start generating you rewards. It is developed for anyone to join. As long as you know how to send crypto from one wallet to another, you’re all set. Even if you don’t, a quick search on the internet will lead you to dozens of credible sources that guide you through the simple process.

Why should you trust OceanStake?

OceanStake takes security seriously. It is built upon the Binance Smart Chain, one of the most robust and secure blockchains in the world. Being 100% open source, the entire platform is trustless and permissionless. You don’t have to trust the developers or the founders; you can just trust the code. OceanStake allows anyone to see the smart contract at work with the code itself and all the transactions published. In addition, the code was audited by multiple professional third-party services published on their websites, ensuring the absolute safety of your assets.

Made to Last

You don’t have to buy another random Defi coin that drops almost all of its value in a matter of months or even days. You will be using BNB, the fifth largest crypto asset by market cap and trusted by millions around the world. Unlike other platforms that lure you with an atrocious reward rate, OceanStake’s rewards are made to last. You’re rewarded for hodling, and if you start compounding, you can earn even more! If you already believe BNB has the potential to dominate and expand, what’s the point of leaving your assets sitting idle and not earning you anything?

How much can you earn?

You can achieve the maximum 5% daily reward rate through several innovative ways that ensure the sustainability of the ecosystem. By default, you will receive 1% of the amount you staked daily, with a maximum of 200%. For every day that you keep your assets, you will earn an additional 0.1% daily, tallying up to 2%. Finally, you’ll be rewarded as the ecosystem grows. For every 1000 BNB in the contract, you will also earn an additional 0.1% daily, up to a maximum of 2%.

Other Methods to Earn More

OceanStake does not limit you there. To earn more, you can choose to compound your rewards and earn an extra 10% compound bonus or join the referral program. You get a generous reward of 4% for Level 1 referrals, 2% for Level 2, and 1% for Level 3 and 4.

Get Started Today

With OceanStake, your assets are in good hands. It is easy to start and aims for long-term success. In the meantime, it rewards loyal hodlers who believe in the future of crypto and the underlying technologies behind it. If you’re ready to start earning a predictable reward from your assets, it’s time to join OceanStake.


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