LightManufacturing’s Heliostat with Mirror Helps Colorado Homeowners Enjoy Sunny Days while Reducing Heating Bills

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LightManufacturing’s Heliostat with Mirror Helps Colorado Homeowners Enjoy Sunny Days while Reducing Heating Bills

June 24
17:13 2021
LightManufacturing’s Heliostat with Mirror Helps Colorado Homeowners Enjoy Sunny Days while Reducing Heating Bills

Colorado is known for its ever-changing weather, with all four seasons often coming in one day in Denver. For one resident with a north-facing backyard, a heliostat helped both brighten his backyard and his home’s interior, while reducing heating bills. That’s because it generated up to 1,000 watts of power, the most commercially available with a heliostat and mirror.

Heliostats like the LightManufacturing H1™ are one of the simplest ways to add sustainable, low-cost solar heat and light to a green building project, infill project, or retrofit. Heliostats offer a low-cost alternative and supply heat and light through existing building windows. Heliostats are wireless-controlled mirrors that keep the sun reflected on a target as it moves across the sky. The LightManufacturing H1™ heliostat delivers up to 1,300 watts to a target – or up to 150,000 lumens for lighting applications.

“We wanted to be able to redirect the sun into our backyard so we could enjoy it even during the winter, especially during the pandemic,” said Erich Lin, Colorado resident and LightManufacturing heliostat user. “As a side effect, it shines into the interior of our house, brightening that up as well.”

Lin originally searched for a mirror that would reflect UV light to illuminate his shady backyard, when he found LightManufacturing. The company’s heliostats provide a low-cost heat and light source for both personal and commercial spaces by reflecting sunlight onto a target with a computer-controlled mirror. LightManufacturing heliostats are the lowest-cost industrial-grade heliostat available on the market today, reflecting 85% to 90% of the sunlight onto their target, unlike most other models. Lin’s 4’x4’ heliostat is now mounted on a 12-foot pole in his home’s yard.

“We can even enjoy being outdoors and getting some sun when it’s snowing,” he said. “It has been a great experience overall. We wanted to find this kind of mirror that would help us get more vitamin D in the winter. It’s really rare to find a mirror that reflects UV, so that was another major factor in our decision.”

Heliostats can be used on residential and commercial buildings of all sizes. LightManufacturing’s easy installation guide helps customers reduce heating and electricity bills. The company’s next-generation energy-efficient products feature advanced mirrors, wireless networking, and user-friendly operation through wi-fi or web browser, as well as rugged shatterproof reflectors. In addition, more than one heliostat can be used together to increase heating and lighting power.

As the sun moves across the sky, a heliostat makes small adjustments to the position of the solar energy system’s mirror to keep reflected light on a target. The larger the mirror mounted on the heliostat, the more energy and light is collected. A 48″ square mirror reflects over 1,000 watts of solar energy onto a target in optimal conditions. This is the most energy captured by a commercially available heliostat.

About LightManufacturing

A revolution in sustainable manufacturing, LightManufacturing builds heliostats, heliostat arrays, and solar thermal manufacturing systems to make sustainable energy a practical reality. Their best-in-class heliostat products offer lowest-cost-per-watt performance along with innovative shatterproof tensioned membrane mirrors, and available wireless control systems. The heliostat and mirror combinations are ideal for industrial applications such as building heating and lighting, hot water, steam generation, as well as their patented SRM system to create large plastic objects such as water tanks, septic tanks, and more.

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