MxG Fiber, Maker of Eco-Friendly Food Packaging, Launches Investment Crowdfunding Campaign

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MxG Fiber, Maker of Eco-Friendly Food Packaging, Launches Investment Crowdfunding Campaign

June 24
17:05 2021
MxG Fiber, Maker of Eco-Friendly Food Packaging, Launches Investment Crowdfunding Campaign

Houston, Texas – June 24, 2021 – Texas-based MxG Fiber, manufacturer of sustainable food packaging that can replace single-use plastic, has launched an investment crowdfunding campaign on the WeFunder platform. The company produces packaging from thermoformed fiber and will use the raised funds to expand production of simple, high-volume products that benefit, rather than harm, the environment.

Vast quantities of plastic food packaging are used and thrown away each year. According to a report from the market research firm the Freedonia Group, Americans discard about 15 billion clamshell packages each year, and nearly all of those are made of plastic. A small percentage of plastic gets recycled, but most of it ends up in landfills and in oceans and other waterways. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) points out that it’s not just the disposal of plastic that poses environmental issues, though: plastic products are made from fossil fuel-based chemicals, and “plastic production contributes to planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions at every point in its life cycle.”

Concerned about the impact of plastic packaging on the environment, and specifically its contribution to climate change, MxG Fiber CEO Matt Griswold was determined to take action. He conducted a worldwide search for a plant-based alternative to plastic food containers, and what he learned was that a resource existed that could not only reduce reliance on single-use plastics but would also actively decrease the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

That resource is a high-yield perennial grass called Miscanthus. A rapidly renewable fiber, Miscanthus grows back every year for twenty-plus years, yielding eight to ten tons per acre. Miscanthus is easy to grow, requiring less water and fertilizer than other crops. Furthermore, it grows on marginal farmland that couldn’t be used to grow food – land that would otherwise sit idle instead of earning money for farmers. The aspect of Miscanthus that Griswold found most appealing, however, is its ability to capture carbon dioxide in the soil, sequestering up to three tons of this greenhouse gas per acre every year.

“This resource actively benefits the environment instead of causing harm,” says Griswold, “and it is simply the best fiber for food packaging – it works great, it’s cost-competitive, and it’s a sustainable resource.” MxG Fiber’s food containers are recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable.

The MxG Fiber team has worked closely with hundreds of farming families in rural America to plant thousands of acres of Miscanthus. The company has also developed, using existing, proven processes, an efficient method for manufacturing thermoformed fiber carryout containers. While most thermoformed fiber packaging comes from China, MxG Fiber’s products are completely made in the USA. MxG controls the fiber along the entire supply chain, using track-and-trace protocols to ensure that each lot of finished product can be traced from the field, to storage, to manufacturing and delivery.

“It’s important to our customers – including large restaurant chains and food retailers – that our packaging is food-safe and made in the USA, because they know it’s important to their customers,” says Griswold. “More and more, American consumers are demanding products that are made in America and provide American jobs.” In addition, MxG Fiber’s products are not vulnerable to fluctuations in currency or tariffs, and they don’t need to be shipped overseas, reducing the carbon footprint even further.

For more information, visit MxG Fiber’s WeFunder campaign page.

About MxG Fiber:

With subject-matter expertise encompassing farming, storage, logistics, engineering, product development, and manufacturing, MxG Fiber has developed the first commercial-scale Miscanthus crop operation in North America. MxG Fiber is launching a facility that will be the largest in the world to produce sustainable packaging from Miscanthus, a rapidly renewable perennial crop that sequesters carbon and is grown with minimal inputs.

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