Mother-daughter duo tackle rising rates of skin cancer among men: Launching with The Daily, a modern take to an all-in-one skin health solution

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Mother-daughter duo tackle rising rates of skin cancer among men: Launching with The Daily, a modern take to an all-in-one skin health solution

May 07
00:56 2021

GETMr. (pronounced GET Mr.) is founded by Dr. Beth Goldstein & her daughter, Elianna Goldstein to reduce skin damage among men. It recently launched its first product, The Daily, a one-step routine based upon published research in this January’s Journal of Drugs and Dermatology.

Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among men.  In 2020, an estimated 6,800 people will have died of melanoma, and of those, twice as many will be men. But we also know that wearing sunscreen, every day, can help reduce millions of men’s risk of skin cancer by nearly 40%. And most importantly, it doesn’t have to be a 3rd step in a morning routine, it can take seconds.

As a leading, nationally known Mohs skin cancer surgeon, Dr. Goldstein has treated tens of thousands of men with skin cancer. She would often hear the same thing from her male patients when she recommended they wear sunscreen. “‘It’s too oily’ or ‘It’ll show up white in my beard’ she said. These are men whom I am taking off large portions of their ears, noses and even lips. Yet, that wasn’t enough to get them to use existing products; I knew we needed to do better.”

Today, only 17% of men wear sunscreen every day, according to research published by Get Mr. founders Dr. Beth Goldstein and Elianna Goldstein in the January 2021, Journal of Drugs and Dermatology. That’s why Dr. Goldstein teamed up with her daughter, Elianna Goldstein, to start Get Mr.

Elianna had just finished a fellowship with Venture for America and a two-year stint at Boeing’s Venture Capital arm.  Elianna recalls “My father had several skin cancer removed, and even my brothers have had abnormal moles. When my mother reached out about working on GETMr. I couldn’t think of a more impactful, exciting opportunity. I have always cared about public health and making good habits as easy as possible in people’s day-to-day lives.”

Dr. Goldstein and Elianna founded Get Mr. with the belief that it takes grit, effort and time for positive, daily habits to emerge. “I have plenty of products for my female patients to choose from, but nothing that was formulated, marketed and specifically made with my male patients needs in mind,” says Dr. Goldstein.

Their first product is called The Daily, a sleek, one-step routine that contains essential nutrients for men’s skin, including a daily moisturizer, aftershave functionality, and zinc-based, mineral SPF, making it an all-in-one product for men. “I searched throughout the medical literature to find ingredients that would sooth men’s skin, like plant stem cell extract, as well as gentle exfoliants and anti-aging properties. Men have skin that is thicker and produces more oil, so I knew we had to take all of these details into account.”

The company soft-launched in November and has since published a first State of Skincare report, a multi-part skin health series with Katie Couric and has secured partnerships with professional athletes, such as Hall of Fame Tennis Pro and former top-5 player, Brad Gilbert, and other not yet publicly disclosed partners.

“As someone who was constantly outdoors growing up as a player and then as a coach, I was always in the sun. After now having experiences with skin cancer, I’ve become a huge advocate when it comes to taking care of your skin. When I learned about GETMr. And its team’s mission, I couldn’t have been more excited to get involved”, said Brad Gilbert.

Get Mr. also just completed a 4-month accelerator with Entrepreneurs Roundtable and is launching this melanoma month with a pledge from each purchase going towards the Melanoma Research Alliance.

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