This is how Jiyoung Kim has made his presence in the art industry

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This is how Jiyoung Kim has made his presence in the art industry

April 12
15:14 2021

Art has several unique forms, and each one of them leaves an impression on viewers. Artists are better known as creators, and they can spread unique messages with their stunning pieces of art.

Fusion Art is one of the most popular names in the art industry, and it represents the modern version of art with immense creativity. There are millions of artists around the world who love to follow the inspiration of fusion art while giving new meaning to the colors.

To bring those skilled and enthusiastic artists on the same platform, many companies keep on organizing fusion art exhibitions and competitions from time to time. Such platforms accept entries from all over the world while encouraging 3D as well as 2D artists to submit their best art.

Few of these exhibitions are announced with specific themes where artists are required to present photography or artwork relevant to a certain specific topic. However, few others accept open submissions where artists can present their creative ideas freely.

In the year 2018, the 2018_ MAYDAY exhibition was announced to showcase some creative pieces of art on search and rescue. It was based on the maritime crises and the inspiring stories of rescuers. This exhibition was a big success, and it put together the concerns related to fishers, beachgoers, master mariners, ship passengers, rescuers, and the rescuees as well.

Similarly, the 2019_Graduation art exhibition, Seoul, was announced in South Korea with a unique concept of graduation art. This exhibition was open for all art and design students, and they presented their creative ideas with colorful artworks.

Although most of the fusion artists these days are trying to showcase their work online to capture audience attention, the trend of exhibitions and competitions never ends. Following the same idea, many exhibitions are also organized for the year 2020 as well.

One of the most awaited exhibitions on the 2020_ Vision EWHA artist invitation exhibit, Seoul, will be held in South Korea during September. This art fair will showcase wonderful artworks from some interactive exhibitors and simulators.

Fusion Art is also pleased to announce the 2020 ‘Fusion art’ award 3rd, where all 2D and 3D artists will showcase their photography and art depicting the sky. It will showcase their perceptions about the sky that lies above the earth’s surface, including outer space and atmosphere as well. The artists can present work related to abstraction and realism in this exhibition.

Other than this, some artists are also interested in taking part in the 2020_ 5th ‘Annual Artist’s Choice Online Juried Art Exhibition in the USA. This exhibition may present artworks from three different categories: 3-D Art, Photography and Digital Art, and Traditional Art.

Q. Why exhibitions are the most powerful way to present artwork from different corners of the world?

A. There are diverse types of people existing to the extent of race, religion, culture, and emotion. Following this atmosphere, the expression and its method to show one’s art is also getting diverse, which explains why there are tons of dynamic artists throughout this world. But also, audiences are getting more diverse so JIYOUNG KIM thinks artists must express and show ‘Diversity’ considering the variety of background, culture, and values. Especially, it turns out that the accessibility to appreciate art pieces are getting more convenient with the development of the cyber network, internet, and digital magazines.

JIYOUNG KIM strongly believes that the most prestigious factor to appeal to one’s pieces is to attach new media and methods that change the paradigm of fixed thoughts and expression in art. For example, understanding customary acts or connotative meaning in culture would be ‘new’ to those who are not from this own country nor living on this Earth. Because for those who are not used to that particular atmosphere or hard to understand that particular context, the approach to understanding this particular theme would be interpreted as ‘New attempt’ or ‘Challenge’, which would lead to higher engagement in art pieces.

Q. How difficult or easy is it for you to create art?

A. It’s hard to deny that the difficult part when making art pieces is to aim in-depth approach and analyze ‘The relationship between Fiber’s Formativeness and Intention of the Expression’ based on research and experiment of multilateral material rather than focusing only on technique. In the past, there had been tons of formative expression based on technique with the use of ‘Fiber’, but as the Art is getting more modern, the blended production of textile is getting more remarkable. In Modern Art, analyzing and contemplating deeply about ‘Diverse possibility of material expression’ and ‘What can be the most efficient way to express intended meaning in pieces’ in terms of diverse perspectives is becoming the new paradigm. When making art pieces, JIYOUNG KIM pick materials not only by considering the suitability of the theme but also by agonizing tons of experiment and research. Moreover, JIYOUNG KIM thinks of ways that could lead the art pieces to space rather than staying on a flat surface. Different from conventional embroidery, Jiyoung Kim’s pieces which are named “Unveil” and “Show Jiyoung Kim’s hand” established the extension of ‘Idea’ and ‘The Possibility in Expressing’, breaking out from a mere flat surface.

It’s never easy to make a piece, but if the Plans for Jiyoung Kim’s art progresses following Jiyoung Kim’s extent, it is relatively convenient to make the outgrowth. And JIYOUNG KIM thinks the ultimate output when JIYOUNG KIM finishes Jiyoung Kim’s piece is feeling the sense of accomplishment and satisfaction particularly based on ‘Agony’ and ‘Attempts’ that JIYOUNG KIM made when initially designing concepts.

Q. Why is fusion art trending in the modern era?

A. Recently, the tendency of Art is mixed genres and ambiguous division. Following ‘Post-modernism’, current Art field is denying standardized and rigid structure, and trying to reach new style different with the old paradigm. Moreover, attempts to ‘Decategorization’ and ‘Getting out from the textural interpretation of scriptures’ are increasing, which leads to experimental attempts to variety of materials in different perspective. This shows that the ‘Fusion Art’ is the rising star in Modern Society of Art.

The aspects of Post-modernism inspired gigantic difference in Modern Textile Art as well. It was Modern Textile Art’s initial aim to satisfy basic desire of humanity and bring practical live to people, but actually, it was 19th century that brought out “Really artistic” textile art pieces. Following this flow, current modern textile art has become the opportunity for new possibility of beauty and the soul of plastic experimentalist regardless of particularly structured genres.

JIYOUNG KIM show the conept of conventional embroidery in Jiyoung Kim’s piece “Unveil”, but tried to add concept of space in established flat surface of canvas as well, so that JIYOUNG KIM could emphasize ‘Objective Effect’. JIYOUNG KIM differentiated materials, times, and direction of the embroidery to express ‘Human sense of Mass’, and developed layers of embroidery frames into the form of ‘Three-dimensional Structure’. These attempts ultimately led me to step up for the field of ‘Intermedia Art’.

Q. You have been featured recently in Spotlight. How has this affected your career?

A. It is a great chance to advertise Jiyoung Kim’s art pieces to global audiences by Spotlight, considering that people now live in this convenient world to easily access to the global brain, Internet, anytime, or anywhere. Moreover, Modern Society’s trend and media is getting more and more fluent, so it is crucial to handle adequate concept of pieces and frame work of art.

In other words, JIYOUNG KIM aims to acknowledge the tendency and trend of Art society based on published art pieces inside Spotlight. Growing informative power of diverse intention in art pieces, and recognizing what is satisfying and lacking in Jiyoung Kim’s art pieces by self-evaluation is what JIYOUNG KIM mainly focus on in Spotlight. Based on these aims, JIYOUNG KIM wants to stack up Jiyoung Kim’s experiences and not settle only for the mere completion of Jiyoung Kim’s art pieces. Regarding these goals, JIYOUNG KIM ultimately want to extend Jiyoung Kim’s artistic world on a long leash and arrange learned knowledges and insight, so that JIYOUNG KIM would be able to freely express what JIYOUNG KIM wants to for Jiyoung Kim’s future career.

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