Tap Water Quality Should Never Be In Question

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Tap Water Quality Should Never Be In Question

October 31
18:33 2020
Tap Water Quality Should Never Be In Question

Robert A Skechak III, Founder & President of Honey Bee Plumbing
Honey Bee Plumbing makes family health and safety a top priority

Recent events have highlighted concerns for homeowners on the issue of the quality of water coming out of their taps. Although municipal water is generally safe to use, there have been reports of contaminants in even some of the most modernized cities that are causing homeowners to rethink their water quality.

As Robert A Skechak III, Founder & President of Honey Bee Plumbing says, “Water quality should never be in question. There should never be a point where someone is questioning if it is safe to drink or use tap water.”

Skechak has seen a recent uptick in interest in home water filtration systems. Known locally as “The Busy Bee’s”, his team at Honey Bee Plumbing specialize in filtration systems for all needs and budgets.

He says, “Issues with water quality can include everything from concerning pollutants such as parasites and viruses, to annoying problems like the taste or even the smell of the tap water. In addition, many consumers are becoming more aware of the health impacts of water treated with chlorine and other chemicals. Although these are great to combat bacteria growth, there is growing alarm about frequent ingestion as well as the rate of absorption through the skin. Any of these concerns can initiate a call to us for a filtration installation.”  

According to statista.com, an increasing number of homeowners have resorted to buying bottled water as confidence in tap water erodes. In 2018 alone, 13.8 billion gallons of bottled water were purchased in the US, with over 94% of Americans reporting that they use bottled water at least occasionally.

This statistic doesn’t surprise Skechak, but he says the cost, inconvenience and environmental impact of bottled water is not the solution to poor quality tap water in the home or business. He has concerns over the fact that most people are unaware that the bottled water industry is completely self-regulated so that there is no guaranteed standard of safety or purity.

“People need a safe on-demand solution that covers not just drinking water, but also the water used for showers, dishes, and laundry.” He notes that the water sitting in a standard home water cooler is only as clean as the cooler, and that they are often not thoroughly sanitized or maintained. “Those coolers can get pretty gross!”

With a home filtration system, the hassle of cleaning and maintenance can be left to experts like Honey Bee Plumbing who are known for their next-level, BUZZWORTHY service. They provide the peace of mind that should be foundational when talking about water safety and quality for the home or business. The filtration systems Honey Bee Plumbing uses are all NSF certified which means they adhere to international standards of safety and purity.

The best thing about water filtration systems is that they are not a “one-size-fits-all” approach. There are several options that can help to guarantee that the individual needs of the homeowner or business are fully covered. This, while ensuring convenience, safety and a reduction in environmental impact.     

Whether it is the water flowing into the home or the waste moving out, Honey Bee Plumbing takes the sting out of all home plumbing needs.

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