What Makes Lepow the Best Portable Monitor Ever?

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What Makes Lepow the Best Portable Monitor Ever?

August 27
15:58 2020

As a leading product among all the portable monitors, Lepow, with advanced technology and excellent quality, is aiming at creating better products, also affecting the entire industry.

Imitating or Creating?

The product design of Lepow never depends on reference to other products. With the upgrading of the connection between monitor and electronic devices, Lepow has captured the Type-C market keenly. Its first product includes HDMI and Type-C, two connection methods.

Surprisingly, the Type-C option can realize data transmission and power supply at the same time, only if your Type-C port supports transmitting video signal, which making the connection very simple and convenient.

“As you can see, many new laptops and smartphones are now equipped with a USB-C port that can connect to a second monitor. This proves that our prediction of the market is correct. Next, we will launch monitors with the mini DP port to satisfy more consumers,” Lepow designer Matthew Evans said.

At the same time, Lepow is one of the first brands that introduce the “portable” concept to the monitor market. With a thickness of 0.34 inches and a weight of 1.7 lbs., Lepow can turn any place into an office. You can easily put Lepow monitor in your suitcase or backpack, enjoy the convenience, efficiency, and entertainment brought by Lepow anytime and anywhere.

Following or Leading?

In this year, Lepow released their Z1 Gamut series, the upgraded color gamut and brightness surpass all the competitors, which again makes Lepow a benchmark brand in the portable monitor industry. Under the fierce competition nowadays, Lepow has always been in the leading position.

With 15.6 1080P Full HD screen, 178° visible angle, and optimized IPS panel, you can enjoy high-definition image quality, smooth video playback, and instant screen sharing. Lepow can satisfy you with a visual experience that has never been obtained on a screen portable monitor!

The 3 in 1 Display Mode developed by Lepow greatly enhances the convenience of usage. With duplicate mode, extend mode, and second screen mode, Lepow provides more solutions through a smarter system. At the same time, Lepow provides the switch between Landscape Mode and Portrait Mode to adapt to watching different media.

Today, the product design team and development team of Lepow are still leading the entire industry, creating better portable monitors with advanced technology and premium quality, meeting more needs in the existing market, and bringing surprises to more consumers.

Value for Price or beyond Price?

Cost performance is one of the core concerns of Lepow. At the price of less than $200, Lepow is a solid combination of good quality, great connectivity, and a reasonable price.

Each Lepow monitor comes with a magnet-attached smart cover and a screen protector with eye care, which not only allows the monitor to adjust in multiple positions but also relieves eye fatigue, protects it from getting stained or scratched.

In the field of computer monitors, Lepow is setting off a revolution with a fair price, hoping to popularize portable monitors in everyone’s life.

In just a few years, Lepow has influenced people in education, office, designing, and gaming. With the continuous optimization and upgrade of Lepow products, it is believed to change people’s impression of computer monitors and create infinite possibilities.

Lepow Z1 – Black: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07V1SQ966

Lepow Z1 – Silver: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RGPCQG1

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