Five Things to Remember About Car Insurance in case of an accident

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Five Things to Remember About Car Insurance in case of an accident

August 25
01:55 2020

In Spite of careful driving and all the precautions, we cannot avoid every accident. In such an unfortunate event, it is important to remain calm and balanced and conduct life saving measures as soon as possible. Once you are okay physically, please follow below quick points for your car insurance.

Assess the gravity of the claim

Every accident is not major. You might have a small dent on the body of the car. The car can still move and you can get it repaired anytime as per your convenience. In such a case, it is a good idea not to file a claim. As for every “Zero Claim” year, you will get No claim Bonus (NCB). The amount of car insurance NCB is significant. Many times, the NCB amount is higher than your claim amount! This is true specifically in case of small dents or minor accidents. So, remember – every car accident is not worth filing a claim.

The Claim Process

For a major accident, it is necessary to file a claim. It is mandatory legally and required for the financial support to cover the repair cost. Follow below basic steps in case you need to file a claim for a car accident.

  • Inform Your Insurance Company about the accident. Keep your policy number ready when you call the company. Consider informing the company within 24 hours of the accident. This time limit is the essential factor to accept your claim by the insurer.
  • File a FIR with the Police. You will need a FIR copy to claim your car insurance.
  • Take pictures, you may need it in future to support particular damage or fact check.
  • Check with the insurance company for cashless garages near the accident site.
  • Get your Car Repaired and avail the invoices to submit to the insurance company.
  • Compile and submit the required Documents (like invoices, driving license, FIR copy, Car registration copy, bank details etc) to the Insurance company.

What is not covered?

Having car insurance does not mean each and every damage will be paid without investigation and justification. Below are some of the circumstances when your claim will be rejected.

  • Deliberate loss or damage
  • When driven by an uninsured person
  • Damage due to war or nuclear risk
  • Damage caused when the driver  is under the influence of alcohol or drugs 
  • Damage caused by the driver having no valid license for driving 

What not to do?

  • If you are physically okay, do not leave the accident site till proper FIR is filed by the police. The insurance representative may also visit the site  at the discretion of the insurance company.
  • State all facts clearly-if you state incomplete or false or exaggerated information, it may result in rendering your policy invalid or may result in rejection of the claim.
  • Do not settle with third-party- If you settle with third parties without intimating police, it is considered illegal and will result in rejection of your car insurance claim.

What cannot be paid, even if the claim is valid?

  • Any amount beyond the IDV (Insured Declared Value) cannot be paid for the Own Damage (OD).
  • If your insurance policy does not include personal accident cover, the hospitalization expenses cannot be paid.
  • You will not get benefit of No Claim Bonus (NCB) in your next renewal of the car insurance
  • The amount of damage may not be paid fully if you do not have “Zero Depreciation Cover”. You will get the amount after deducting the depreciation by the insurance company.
  • Certain costs of repairs and consumables may be excluded from the claim amount.
  • Nominal admin charges may be deducted from the total approved amount of the claim.

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