Retire Early: Become a Six-Figure Landlord

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Retire Early: Become a Six-Figure Landlord

October 31
17:42 2022
Six-Figure Landlord teaches Students to Retire Early By Building Passive Income with Real Estate.

Six-Figure Landlord offers real estate investment courses and mentorship. They teach clients to build financial freedom in five phases to build enough passive income to “own their time” and retire early.

Dallas Hileman, along with Gregory Hutchins and Michael Lentsch, developed the Five Phases of Freedom to help people earn passive income and become financially independent in stages. After slogging through 70-hour work weeks, Dallas sought another path to his dream life. He met a mentor who taught him the fundamentals of real estate investment, inspiring him to make his first foray into property ownership.

“I made the leap into my very first real estate investment that same year, and the results were instant,” Hileman says. “With that one purchase, I was already getting almost $1,500 per month in passive income.”

Within a year, Hileman saved enough earnings to purchase a second property. From there, each subsequent property became easier to buy, and his passive income grew. In less than three years, he became a six-figure landlord, bringing in more than $10,000 per month in passive income.

“It only takes about five hours per week of my time,” HIleman says. “I’m only 28 years old, and because of real estate, I can live my dream life right now.”

Sharing the skills

Hileman’s mentor started him down the path of financial freedom, and he now shares those skills with others through his Six-Figure Landlord training courses and mentorship for real estate investment. He firmly believes anyone can learn to build passive income and retire early. Six-Figure Landlord offers free training so anyone can start the process now.

“Stop trading time for money,” Hileman said. “Live your dream life right now. Let me help you become a Six-Figure Landlord, too!”

“I created Six-Figure Landlord to help you follow the same path my mentor painted for me,” Hileman said. “I’ve walked the path, and I know where the pitfalls are and where the shortcuts are.”

Five Phases of Freedom

Phase 1: Debt Freedom
“Consumer debt is your enemy,” Hileman said.
Earning enough income to cover the money spent on credit card payments, student and car loans, and other debt is the first phase of freedom.

Phase 2: Emergency Freedom
The second phase of freedom is a level of passive income able to cover emergencies without taking away from money for investments.

Phase 3: Rent Freedom
Securing enough passive income to cover housing costs is the third phase of freedom. That money can instead be put toward more investments.

Phase 4: Financial Freedom
The fourth phase of freedom occurs when one earns enough passive income to cover all their basic expenses. This doesn’t mean you live a lavish lifestyle, it’s simply the point at which you could retire with adequate means to meet your needs.

Phase 5: Lifestyle Freedom
The final phase is lifestyle freedom, where the income from rental properties brings in enough to offer a comfortable and fulfilling life, and investors fully “own their time.”

Six-Figure Landlord teaches clients to live their dream life

With Six-Figure Landlord clients learn how to live their dream lives now. Real estate investing is made simple. They explain why real estate investment is a reliable, predictable way to build passive income. With rental properties, investors can “own their time” by collecting income with little effort, allowing them to chase their dream lives.

“Real estate investing is the best way to build your passive income,” Hileman said. “Which also means it’s the best path for you to own your time and live your dream life as soon as possible.”


Six-Figure Landlord seeks to help others build their path to financial freedom and early retirement through real estate investment. To learn more about making passive income, visit the website or YouTube channel.

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