Glass Fiber Cloth Uses and Prices of Various Available Glass Fiber Cloths

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Glass Fiber Cloth Uses and Prices of Various Available Glass Fiber Cloths

October 28
15:02 2022

Fiberglass cloth must be strange to people, in fact, it is a kind of building materials often used in building decoration, ready to learn about the use of fiberglass cloth and the price of fiberglass cloth.

Use of glass fiber cloth:

1. glass fiber cloth is widely used in wall strengthening, (inside) exterior wall insulation, roof waterproof and other aspects, can also be used in cement, plastic, asphalt, marble, Mosaic and other wall data strengthening, is the construction of work interest engineering data.

2. Glass fiber cloth plays an important planning role in the insulation system, and it is important to prevent the gestate of gaps. Because of its exquisite acid resistance and alkali function and high tensile strength of longitude and weft, it can make the stress of the external wall insulation system symmetrical and slack. Hinder the deformation of the whole insulation plan formed by the knock and knead of external forces, and have the effect of soft “steel bar”.

3. GRC composite insulation board special grid cloth to accept GRC and polystyrene composite, GRC composite insulation board, used for public construction and residential construction of external wall insulation. Composite insulation is arranged in the exterior wall has two plans and the base plan, the composite wall after the end of the dry and wet cycle is not the same, the wall is flat, no cracks, no “hot bridge” and “cold bridge” sign, so that the insulation effect of the building envelope plan to reach the JGJ26-95 “Civil construction energy saving program Specification” needs.

4. alkali resistant glass fiber strong low alkalinity cement (GRC) and polystyrene composite made of GRC composite insulation board, used for external wall insulation, insulation composite wall composition, so that the construction of the enclosure plan.

Glass fiber cloth price:

Now there are various kinds of glass fiber cloth on the market. Its price varies according to specifications and uses. The price varies from a few cents to dozens of yuan, and the price of glass fiber cloth is 1.3-3.8 yuan per meter. If people want to know the most accurate information, or suggest that people go to the local agency to consult the specific price, reasonable budget.

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