Dream Partners leads global channel supplier e-commerce to new heights

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Dream Partners leads global channel supplier e-commerce to new heights

January 11
14:56 2022

According to official statistics: August 2021 Dream Partners e-commerce platform’s transaction volume in 2021 exceeded $35 million. This is the second quarter real-time earnings report released by Dream Partners, The financial report shows that Dream Partners’ South American market has 5 million mobile monthly active users, an increase of 2 million compared with October 2019, and the group’s revenue has increased by 30%. ebay, amazon, Lazada, shopee, mercado libre, innio are several major electronic merchant giants.

Founded in April 2018, Dream Partners is headquartered in the financial district of Manhattan, New York, USA. It is a leading Internet high-tech industry company. As an omni-channel supplier of global trade services, Dream Partners is committed to providing manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers. Provide cost-effective global trade procurement and sales solutions with advertisers. Since its launch in major application markets in May 2018, the company has been sought after by major online e-commerce platforms in the world. In 2020, IT/CE retailers in the United States In the consumer satisfaction rankings, Dream Partners ranks second in the United States.

In 2021, under the special background of the black swan epidemic, global e-commerce will usher in an unprecedented upsurge, rushing to the rankings and launching new products. In order to make e-commerce products burst, all major e-commerce sellers need to continuously increase traffic. Dream Partners maintains close strategic cooperation with several global e-commerce giants, and actively helps e-commerce platform merchants including ebay, amazon, Lazada, shopee, mercado libre, innio and around the world to increase user traffic and product sales exposure, so that more Businesses can reach more consumers. The star merchant promotion plan created by Dream Partners creates a new cooperation model for merchants and part-time users. When merchants release products or new products with relatively low sales on the platform, part-time users help merchants increase product sales, increase popularity, and earn part-time commissions. In this benign transaction chain, merchants improve their rankings and sales. You can earn lucrative commissions by completing tasks part-time. The Dream Partners platform extracts commissions from big data orders to add value to the company, and the three parties truly achieve the goal of mutual benefit and win-win.

The core team of Dream Partners has rich experience in the operation and promotion of Amazon and eBay. Through the intelligent cloud automatic matching system, it can quickly obtain order traffic for e-commerce companies. In terms of technology, Dream Partners has deeply developed DTC (Direct To Consumer) and virtual reality (VR) technologies for customers’ virtual shopping experience, Enable users to activate online browsing and brand interaction through voice, all of which are greatly improved user experience. Dream Partners has always been committed to creating the most efficient, high-quality and convenient shopping experience for users.

Dream Partners’ future strategy includes linking and promoting online media, such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and smart TV media. At the same time, the headquarters will also use $30 million from the Dream Fund to incentivize distributors and agents who promote the market on the front line. In 2022, the Dream Partners online business school will be added to the headquarters. The business school provides e-commerce training and education courses to buyers and sellers. The core concept of “selling good products to the world” will be passed on indefinitely.

Dream Partners is a company with a sense of social mission and responsibility. Please look for the official platform of Dream Partners and believe that Dream Partners will bring hope to your future. You are welcome to join and bring extraordinary benefits to your ordinary life.

For more details, please pay attention to the official website: https://www.isleiona.com/index.html

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