New Global Health Analysis Reveals Americans have Fewer Food Allergies than Britons, according to Beyond Body Data

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New Global Health Analysis Reveals Americans have Fewer Food Allergies than Britons, according to Beyond Body Data

June 17
14:30 2021

A new global health analysis suggests a large number of Americans are allergic to dairy but don’t realize it. The data also shows the British have nearly twice the rate of lactose intolerancethan Americans, Australians and the French. 

The health data was compiled by the new wellness book, Beyond Body, which integrates health analytics to create a personalized wellness plan based on the reader’s health and allergies. The analytics are derived from 28 personalized questions readers answer for the book’s research.

The data involved more than 1.6 million people across the UK, US, France and Australia. It included 1.2 million Americans, 287,154 French, 84,414 Britons and 67,819 Australians.

Nutritionist and author, Christine Zalnieraite, says this data is helping people around the globe manage their allergies and lactose intolerance by giving them a personalized nutrition and fitness regimen based on their health conditions.

“This data suggests there are a lot more people suffering from lactose intolerance but they don’t realize it,” said Zalnierate. “Research suggests that roughly 36 percent of Americans have an allergy to dairy, so if only 4 percent say they experience it, this tells us that many people are suffering from lactose intolerance but aren’t doing anything to treat it.”

Lactose intolerance is a condition that prevents people from properly digesting lactose in dairy. It can lead to symptoms that include: Stomach pain, abdominal cramps, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, nausea and vomiting.

The Beyond Body health analysis found that 8 percent of Britons say they are lactose intolerant, compared to 4 percent for Americans, Australians, and French.

“There is no one-size-fits-all guidebook to wellness, and each body works differently,” said  Zalnierate. “Our analytics are very detailed, allowing us to create meal plans around allergies, intolerances, and even food preferences, making it easier for people to follow a personalized health regimen.” 

Food Intolerances Across the US, UK, Australia and France

The data analysis also found Americans and Australians have the highest percentage of nut allergies.

Roughly 25 percent of respondents in the US and Australia said they have some form of nut allergies, which is drastically more than public research suggests. Roughly 3 million Americans are believed to have nut allergies or 1.1 percent of the population. 

Zalnierate said it’s very likely people are confusing nut allergies with another allergy and not realizing it.

“It’s so important to understand how our nutrition and what we eat impacts our body,” said Zalnierate. “This is where our analytics is truly revolutionizing the wellness industry. Never before have we integrated such personal analytics into a book. When people feel better with a nutrition or health plan, they’re more likely to stick to it.”

The data also found that 12 percent of French respondents and 15 percent of Britons say they have a nut allergy.

Beyond Body creates meal plans and recipes based on the personal analytics that are discovered during each reader’s assessment. For readers who are lactose intolerant or have food allergies, it includes recipes and meal plans designed around their allergies. 

About Beyond Body

Beyond Body takes analytics from a reader’s profile and creates a customized wellness plan for their overall health and desired body needs and body goals. It’s the first hardcover book to integrate analytics into a customized wellness plan based on the reader’s physical and mental health as well as their current conditions and health history.

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