MORNSUN’s LM150-12M1224 Enclosed AC/DC Switching Power Supply is Available as the Need for Electronic Power Supply Kicks into Gear

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MORNSUN’s LM150-12M1224 Enclosed AC/DC Switching Power Supply is Available as the Need for Electronic Power Supply Kicks into Gear

November 20
18:56 2020
The Company Dedicates to Improving Cost Performance, Adapts to the Current Market Environment and Improve the Stability.

Guangdong, China – Nov 20, 2020 – MORNSUN, headquartered in China, is an emerging leader in high-tech enterprises with its superior power tech designs and effective power supply solutions. Keeping high standards, producing marvelous designs and creating innovation are the inherent qualities of Mornsun products. The addition of Mornsun’s special LM150-12M1224 enclosed switching power supply to the glorious journey of Mornsun is a landmark achievement that will cater to the needs for electric vehicle power supply.

The demand for electric vehicle charging piles is on the rise. Global government policies support the purchase of electric vehicles and collective efforts are underway to push the growth of the electric vehicle charging piles market in order to enhance the construction of new infrastructures. According to analysts, Asia Pacific will become the largest shareholder of the global electric vehicle charging station market in terms of geography because people’s incentives for purchasing battery-powered cars is increasing in this region.

Charging stations can either be DC charging piles or AC charging piles where DC charging piles have bigger volumes and a faster charging speed while AC charging piles are smaller and lovelier.

Charging stations consist of a control circuit, monitoring security unit and human-computer interaction system. The control circuit is completed by an embedded ARM processor using 5V voltage. Users can swipe cards, balance query, billing query, voice output interface and other functions. Users can perform the human-machine interaction according to the liquid crystal display (LCD).

Due to the complicated environment and quarterly changes in seasons each year, the components of the charging station need to meet Surge ±2kV/4kV EFT ±4kV and conformal coating requirement.

Mornsun’s innovative enclosed AC/DC switching power supply LM150-12M1224 offers 24V power for BMS of buses and supplies 12V power for BMS of cars where 12V/24V output power supply is automatically switched according to the BMS. It can withstand the 300 Vac Surge input 5S and is compatible with the 300 Vac input design in case of abnormal voltage fluctuations.

Mornsun’s LM150-12M1224 enclosed AC/DC switching power supply embedded in electric vehicle charging stations is cost-efficient and innovative. The company has the touch of Midas which brings revolutionary optimization when it comes to the previous solutions in the field of charging stations. Mornsun adapts to the current market environment and improves the stability, security and reliability of the system.

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