Make An Old Furnace or Air Conditioner Last

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Make An Old Furnace or Air Conditioner Last

August 25
01:37 2020
Make An Old Furnace or Air Conditioner Last

Owner David Dickerson and Operations Manager Lindsay Dickerson Queen
Tips from Dickerson Heating and Air on extending the life of an old furnace or air conditioner.

by Jim Kedge

POWDER SPRINGS, GA It can be an immense disruption when a furnace or air conditioner calls it quits. Hopefully, if it happens, it isnt in the middle of a heatwave or during the coldest night of the year. Emergency calls for repairs can cost a bundle, especially if an old unit needs replacing. While many people are looking to cut costs right now, one company in Georgia is looking for ways to help out their customers.

Lindsay Queen is the Operations Manager for Dickerson Heating & Air. She knows how an old air conditioner can cause stress and frustration. We work with people every week who are worried about their old AC unit or furnace,says Queen. Replacing a ventilation system in a home can be one of the more significant expenses a family has to make. We know that people are concerned about their budgets,Queen admits. We want to help those who need it push off major purchases until a later, more stable time.

David Dickerson, Lindsays dad, started Dickerson Heating & Air. David continues to run the business with his wife, Jenny. My dad started the company with the desire to help people,says Queen. He commits to working for people, to help them in times of need, and to serve the community with the highest level of integrity and quality of work.Its because of this commitment to service that David and Lindsay want to help people extend the life of their air conditioners and furnaces.

One of the methods they suggest is switching to a smart thermostat. When you have to change your AC or heat manually, it can be easy to forget,Queen states. A smart thermostat can hold a program for each day of the week, changing the temperature when people are out or when the family is sleeping. Many of us dont have to keep our houses cool during the day. Cutting down the amount of time our air conditioners are working will reduce our bills and make the unit last longer.

Just like cars and houses, air conditioners and furnaces need care from time to time. Queen explains that biannual service visits will keep things running more smoothly. A tune-up in the fall and spring is a crucial step of preventative maintenance,says Queen. Our workers tweak and lubricate the system to run better. They will also spot major breakdowns and concerns before they cause significant damage.

People can change their air filters, clean out their ducts, and upgrade their insulation. These all help to give their system the best conditions to operate well,explains Queen. A little TLC goes a long way.

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