Kessa Gooden, a motivational speaker and author, looks to coach people worldwide to be able to start businesses and go from 0 to 6 figures in 6 months

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Kessa Gooden, a motivational speaker and author, looks to coach people worldwide to be able to start businesses and go from 0 to 6 figures in 6 months

August 22
08:31 2020
Start a better life today and go for the ultimate success!

Miami, Florida, USA – Kessa Gooden is a woman with a wide vision, she is an author, philanthropist and a motivational speaker who empowers men, women, and children all over the world. She believes that if it is one’s own will to succeed, then he will work tirelessly and indeed achieve the success that he strives for. She helps people with any kind of problems including marriage, finance, abused relations, and such; she guarantees that her methods and teachings will put an end to all the hardships and worries of life to start a better life. Kessa has written extensive books on how a person can become successful, starting a business for one’s self and working for himself, going from being earning a minimum wage up to a 6-figure income. In this age of internet and technology, it is becoming easier to have an online business and to sell the services online directly to the customers. Kessa can be the perfect guide that has mentored a lot of people in starting their businesses and have an online presence. But all of that comes from within one’s soul and an attitude that one possesses that he can achieve whatever he wants and face any kind of hardships that life throws at him.


Kessa migrated alone to the United States merely at the age of 14, she had nowhere to go and no one to look up to. Being all alone, she had to stay at shelter homes and abandoned buildings. After fighting tirelessly, she finally overcame her fears and is living a good life, guiding others to a path of success and prosperity. She guides others on how to steer clear of the hurdles in life, promoting positivity and empowerment for people of any sex, race, and age. Kessa says that no matter how good one’s life is, there is always something that can create a mess in life, a small negative thought can lead to much larger devastating results, it is important to face the negativities and remove them all from the roots so that they don’t create havoc. Suppressing the negativities is only a small-term solution, they should not be ignored, rather it is very important to talk about them with a professional so that they can be treated.


Believing in one’s self is the most important attribute that one can possess, success can only come if the person believes that he can succeed. When Kessa came to the United States, she knew she could achieve greatness, she had that attitude of success and truly believed in herself despite all the hardships that she was facing. That belief led her to the successful position at which she is now. Now she is guiding and mentoring her clients who believe in themselves that they can have whatever they want, ranging from wealth to health and everything in between. Some people want to be wealthy in their lives, but don’t know what to do and how to get started, Kessa Gooden is the person that can help people like this find their hidden potential and unlock the secret power that everyone possesses, but don’t know about. She has already helped many people who were on the brink of going broke, now they are successfully running and managing their own businesses with an online presence and managing their clients, meeting their needs and living a happy, wealthy life.

Success is a step-by-step process that takes time and patience. Someone with the will of achieving success has to be patient and take each step slowly. It is not an overnight process, it takes a lot of time to achieve the success that one strives for and wants to have in their life. Achieving true wealth takes a lot of determination, it requires one to push themselves to their limits and beyond, going against the norms and doing what others think is impossible to achieve. She also says that one can get distracted and lose determination along the way, but if the person truly believes in himself, then he can ignore any and all the distractions along the way, and go for that true success that he dreamt of. She has helped people with all walks of life in achieving what they wanted, be it a healthy life, wealth, relations or a peaceful mind.

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