Build a loving pet with United-Doggos – Offering realistic pet building kits with locking mechanism

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Build a loving pet with United-Doggos – Offering realistic pet building kits with locking mechanism

August 22
03:22 2020
United-Doggos offers building kits like legos that can be joined together to create a model of a dog or a cat. With building kits of various breeds of dogs and cats, customers can build a realistic model that can’t be easily broken, since the bricks are joined together with screws. With the building set also comes the user manual, as to how to join the pieces to create the pet.

Australia – An amazing gift for pet lovers, whether they love cats or dogs, United-Doggos offer building kits to create the models of the pets. Once built, the models look similar to a doggo or a cute cat. The models are sold completely with manuals of the pets, so the customers know exactly which piece should be placed where, and where the screws are to be locked.United-Doggos differ from the competitors by offering  building kits with manuals of pets, which no other company does. If the customers want to build the pet, they would do it with legos from scratch and have to be really in the process. The screws hold the pieces together and so the models can’t be broken or taken apart easily.

United-Doggos have a large stock of various breeds of dogs and cats, and so if a person already has a pet, they can purchase the kit for that same breed of pet. Some of the building kits of dog-breeds are Greyhound, Dachshund, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Beagle, Labrador, Australian Shepherd and many more. The building kits of cat-breeds are Tabby, Calico, Abyssinian, Persian and many others. Hence, the customers get a wide array of options to build the model of the pet they like. Besides cats and dogs, a building kit of a horse is also available, and adding to the stock of realistic building kits, United-Doggos is also working hard to introduce the kits of other animals such as birds, hamsters, reptiles, and such. Furthermore, these models are available in two sizes, normal and XL.

United-Doggos was inspired by the construction industry, after the founder Jamie, ventured into the field of constructing realistic models of pets. After seeing the massive success of United-Doggos, Jamie left his 5-year old job, to fully tap into the potential of United-Doggos. Jamie was inspired by the idea that the people will be able to build the model of their pets from scratch, just like a building is constructed from ground zero since Jamie was working at a construction company at that time. Applying his construction experience, he thought to incorporate screws to hold the pieces from ever falling apart, even if someone tries to.

A fun experience for the whole family, United-Doggos is suitable for kids and parents. It offers a unique experience of joy and fun, that brings a family together. Kids and parents work together to join the pieces, and when they have completely built the model, they gain a sense of teamwork. This teamwork brings families together and creates harmony among them. Moreover, this activity develops the brains of the children and promotes critical thinking. All and all, United-Doggos offers a perfect activity for the family and after completing the activity, they get a model of their pet.

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