Canadian Coffee Maker Provides a Unique Coffee Sensation that is Unique in Every Cup

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Canadian Coffee Maker Provides a Unique Coffee Sensation that is Unique in Every Cup

August 20
23:21 2020

Invigo Coffee’s range provides its customers with a unique combination – the coffee pod experience of intense, enlivening coffee, while at the same time producing a satisfying and relaxing taste. The coffee’s unique texture is produced using coffee sourced from volcanic soils, and roasted to perfection using a unique, secret technique. The fullness of texture is also captured in the coffee’s full flavor, with a distinct bitterness and taste experience that has no equal.

With a range of flavors that share a characteristic bitterness that is combined with a fruity essence with a sour kick, Invigo Coffee is made to stand out and provide their own unique taste experience. A perfect addition to the repertoire of coffee pod afficionados, Invigo Coffee is produced by coffee craftspeople with many years of hands-on experience in their trade. The fruit of their labor is a range of delicious espresso capsules, each with their own complex and complimentary blends of taste.

Whether you are looking for a full-bodied kickstart to your day, or a more fruity, relaxing experience for unwinding after your evening meal, Invigo Coffee provides the perfect range of choices for different occasions. From the most bitter and sour to fruity and full-bodied choices, customers are presented with a multitude of choices to enjoy as part of your daily routine, or as a well-deserved time out in which you focus on your coffee and a chat.

The exclusive range of flavors includes Invigo Coffee Boost, Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla and Classic. From the creamy chocolate and vanilla options to the classic, the range offers drinkers all the classic tastes and smells of coffee that all seasoned coffee drinkers adore. The Invigo range is produced from 100% top quality arabica coffee beans. This means the coffee carries a naturally smooth flavor alongside the subtle flavorings that are roasted in during the production process. The end result is a range of coffees that sits beautifully between sour and mild, and providing the best of both worlds to coffee lovers.

The way the capsules are produced also provides deliciously balanced medium bodied essence on the tongue for drinkers. From this, the Classic has a tone of honey to it to provide a mild-to-rich flavor, while the slightly sweet aroma roasted in during production balances perfectly with the naturally sour taste.

The capsules are also perfect to enjoy with cappucchino, or for that immediate energy boost, an espresso. With coffee taking a more and more significant role in Canadian culture, Invigo’s Canadian coffees are perfect for every occasion, and to experience new sensations in coffee enjoyment. As well as being produced with a passion for coffee and a dedicated focus on research and quality assurance testing to ensure the best possible end product, the capsules are proud to be part of the Canadian culture of coffee.

About Invigo Coffee

Invigo Coffee is a Canadian coffee manufacturer offering a delicious range of luxury arabica capsules and flavors. With choices including Classic, Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel and Boost, not only is there a flavor for every taste, but there is a choice for every occasion during the course of a busy day.

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