Combining art and football, Adidas releases home football jersey for Euro 2020 series

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Combining art and football, Adidas releases home football jersey for Euro 2020 series

February 05
14:16 2020
Combining art and football, Adidas releases home football jersey for Euro 2020 series

Pro Evolution Soccer kit makers AerialEdson and Makidan14 (DanielLie10) have created some of the new Adidas 2020 kits for PES 2020 at They give us a great look of how the kits (including those of the EURO 2020) will look like on the pitch worn by players.

Adidas released its sponsored 2020 European Cup series home jersey. The collection of jerseys combines art and football culture, and each design is inspired by the similarities between these regions.

The unique jersey design is not digital, but hand-painted by Adidas designers. These carefully crafted artworks express the common passion and emotions of fans and players, which eventually became the inspiration for jersey patterns, color choices and digital graphics.

Juergen Rank, Adidas’ senior design director, commented: “Being able to successfully demonstrate the football culture and its solidarity is a major challenge in designing the series of jerseys. In the process of starting the creation, It allows us to be more direct, humane and emotional when we create. We are very pleased with the final result because it successfully combines art and football culture.”

These jerseys will be available in two versions: player and fan. For the first time, the player’s jersey has a unique hem design to provide a more comfortable sports experience for the wearer.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the European Cup, UEFA will host the European Cup 2020 in 12 countries, the biggest event to date. At the commemorative event, Adidas designed a special stamp icon for each game’s jersey. The printed version of each stamp is written in the language of the host country, and the shape of the stamp corresponds to the outline of the playing field.

Camisetas De Germany

Since the 1980s, stripes have been embedded in the design of the German Football Association jersey. The 2020 version of the jersey will reinterpret this iconic detail in a modern hand-painted pinstripe style. To pay homage to modern street style, it uses a minimalist aesthetic inspired by the simple strokes of the original artwork.

The sleeves of the new jersey also reappeared the colors of the German black red gold flag, and the dynamic lines in the flag details represent the diversity of German players and fans, in order to reflect the country’s proud concept of solidarity and tolerance.

Camisetas De Wales

The new Welsh home jersey is very Welsh cultural and its red and yellow details are taken from the Glandau flag. The cuff is designed to pay tribute to Welsh supporters. It is called the “Red Wall” and adds the iconic Welsh flag green, white and red.

Camisetas De Hungary

Hungary’s new home jersey mainly uses bright red and white, and green decoration at the neckline to represent the country’s national flag. The pattern of the jersey is inspired by the Danube, which is located in the heart of Hungary. It uses different shades of red graffiti to create the effect of the river flowing. At the same time, the words “Magyarorszag” were printed on the back of the collar to outline an elegant stroke for its design.

Camisetas De Northern Ireland

The Northern Ireland new jersey is inspired by the classic jersey design of the 1980s, continuing the diagonal detail design. In designing the 2020 jersey, Adidas’ art and hand-painted team borrowed from this iconic classic design and worked hard to enhance its vitality through the strong combination of green elements and thick lines.

Camisetas De Belgium

The new Belgian jersey pays tribute to the distinctive color design on the national flag. The flag pattern is completed by hand, which intuitively reflects the artistic concept of the jersey, and its iconic graphics have lines staggered into a “B” letter pattern. Another “B” letter is embroidered on the back of the collar, two letters showing the clever details of the new jersey.

Camisetas De Spain

The new camisetas de Spanish design is a modern interpretation of classic art, featuring original hand-painted art, with dark red and burgundy colors as an abstract expression of the national flag. The creators of Adidas used a unique method when designing this artwork, breaking the flag into individual color blocks, and finally displaying it in a jersey. This eye-catching design is designed to add a modern touch to the beloved national flag, and is engraved with “1920” on the back of the neckline to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Spain’s first jersey and the first iconic lion emblem.

Camisetas De Russia

The new 2020 Russian jersey reintroduces the strong, vibrant colors of the flag, complemented by dark red patches, inspired by artwork that conveys its concept. As a symbol of the unity of players and fans, the sleeves of this jersey have blue and white stripes. As a work of art, hand-drawn patterns are also part of the design, giving the classic jersey a stylish and modern look.

Camisetas De Scotland

The ring is an important part of the Scottish home jersey and has appeared on the jersey many times in the history of the team. In designing the original work of the Adidas 2020 jersey, the painter and sketch artist hoped to modernize this iconic design element by hand-painting a modern interpretation of the classic.

Camisetas De Sweden

The new Swedish jersey combines classic and modern style, with a simple and minimalist look, with an emphasis on artistic sleeves. The stripes on the sleeves indirectly interpret the Swedish flag, giving a fresh and clean feeling, and the word “Sverige” also becomes a clever design on the back of the collar.

Starting today, the 2020 European Cup Camisetas De Futbol can be purchased at retail stores, football Tmall flagship store and official website and

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